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Mark Glickman

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  • I am faculty advisor to the Society of Harvard Undergraduate Magicians (SHAM). We performed a magic show for the Harvard Club of Merrimac Valley on February 25, 2023 which was videorecorded and posted on youtube. It's worth watching the whole video, but the four tricks I performed can be found at times 13:35, 25:42, 1:01:02, and 1:18:38.

  • The manuscript "Bayesian analysis of longitudinal studies with treatment by indication" by Reagan Mozer and me has been accepted for publication in Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology.

  • I presented "Rating competitors in games with strength-dependent tie probabilities" at the colloquium series of the Department of Statistics, Operations and Data Science at Temple University on November 4, 2022.

  • After a 3-year gap, I have been appointed chair of the US Chess ratings committee. I have served as a member continuously since 1985, and had previously been chair 1992-2019.

  • I was interviewed for and appeared in Adam Whitaker's 90-minute documentary on chess ratings. The movie is available for viewing on YouTube.

  • I have been funded by the science group at Chessable (click on the "View Our Active Scientific Research" banner) to analyze chess rating data to understand whether the differential performance among genders can be explained by different participation rates. Chessable wrote a blog post announcing the award. The project will involve a fresh look at earlier work carried out by me and Christopher Chabris in our 2006 Psychological Science paper.

  • I have been appointed the Chair of the American Statistical Association's Committee on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

  • I am the Director of Masters Program in Statistics at Harvard University. The program is open only for undergraduates wishing to finish their studies with a concurrent masters degree, as well as existing PhD students at Harvard.

  • I am the editor for the "Recreations in Randomness" column in the Harvard Data Science Review.

  • I am the founding head of the Sports Analytics Laboratory (SAL) in the Harvard Statistics Department. See the SAL web site for more details.