Mark Glickman's World



Since receiving my Statistics PhD in 1993, I have been involved in a large variety of short-term statistical consulting projects in addition to my academic work. I find this type of work enjoyable in a different sort of way than academic projects - consulting work tends to be more contained, it usually has the challenge of more urgent deadlines, and it often requires creative thinking in order to produce real-time results. Below I list a sampling of projects in which I have been involved over the years. Please consult my curriculum vitae for my educational background, publications, and presentations.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hiring me for a short-term consult, please feel free to contact me by e-mail at , or by phone at (617) 496-1505.

Areas of statistical expertise:

  • Applied statistics and statistical modeling
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Methods for addressing missing data
  • Statistical methods for games and sports
  • Statistical applications to health research

A sampling of my consulting projects:

General applied statistics:
  • Developed forecasting models for predicting pesticide sales from precipitation data
  • Analyzed airbag fatality data (with systematically missing data) to compare automobile safety in different makes and models
Statistical expert witnessing:
  • Testified for the Red Sox in a case in which the plaintiff sued the Red Sox for negligence after being struck and injured by a foul ball. Testified to the risk of injury from being hit by a foul ball.
  • Testified in the restitution phase of a federal case involving the sale of collectible coins on issues related to the sampling procedure to grade the coins for assessing damages.
  • Served as consulting expert for the U.S. Department of Justice on case statistically analyzing potential steering of subprime mortgages towards underserved populations.
  • Testified in a case assessing whether insurance claims sampled for audit involved potential mishandling of claims payouts was representative of the claims population. Wrote opinions and provided testimony in the case.
  • Provided written opinions and delivered testimony in three different cases involving exam cheating.
Statistical consults in marketing applications:
  • Developed statistical algorithm to predict success of product launches - joint work with the Boston University Communications Research Center
  • Devised algorithms for company specializing in online personalization solutions to predict consumer product preference
Statistical applications to health-related projects:
  • Advised the Psychiatry section of the Ontario Medical Association on ongoing statistical issues arising in the development of a resource-based fee schedule
  • Developed methods for detecting anomalous medical records at nursing facitilies
Statistics instruction:
  • Co-developed and taught online course for the Harvard Business Analytics Program (ongoing since 2018)
  • Lectured on the essentials of statistics for surgical residents
  • Taught 3-day course on Bayesian statistics for advanced undergraduate students
  • Taught multi-day courses on advanced statistical modeling with the S-Plus statistical package
Statistical methods applied to games:
  • Licensed the Glicko-2 rating system for rating competitors in head-to-head competition
  • Developed algorithms for rating players for solitaire games on gaming web site