Mark Glickman's World

Song parodies:

The "Glickman Studio Session" (October, 2000) - featuring the talents of Bradley Carlin, Jennifer Hill and me. The following are mp3 files.

The "Glickman Studio Session II" (September, 2002) - featuring Bradley Carlin and me. More Bayesian fun. The following song is an mp3 file.

The "Glickman Studio Session III" (May and July, 2008) - can't stop the Bayesian feeling. Another three mp3 files:

Here's a video clip of the unrecorded song "Bayesian Endeavor," debuted at MCMSki 3 in January 2011.

Cover songs:

Occasionally (very occasionally, that is) I like to record covers of actual songs. Here's one for now. Video-recorded performances were posted on youtube of Tirthankar Dasgupta and me performing Ticket to Ride (Beatles) at the Harvard Statistics holiday party in 2010.

Original songs:

The following are seven songs written and recorded by me and Damion Jurrens. We called ourselves "Apoplexy" (don't ask why). All songs are mp3 files.

A few MIDI files I recorded: