Mark Glickman's World



Mark Glickman As Senior Lecturer at Harvard University, teaching and pedagogy is an integral part of my career.


In the Fall, I teach Statistics 244: Linear and Generalized Linear Models. This course is intended mainly for second-year PhD students in Statistics, and focuses on the mathematical underpinnings of linear and generalized models.


In the Spring, I teach two courses. One of them is Statistics 149: Generalized Linear Models, a course I have been teaching since 2010. This course is aimed at upper-level undergraduate Statistics students and masters-level students.


In the Spring I also co-teach Statistics 109b: Data Science 2 - Advanced Topics in Data Science. This course is also listed as Computer Science 109b. The material for the course includes unsupervised learning, Bayesian statistics, deep learning, and a variety of other topics in the growing area of data science.