Mark Glickman's World



As Senior Lecturer at Harvard University, teaching and pedagogy is an integral part of my career.


In the Fall 2016, I am teaching Statistics 244: Linear and Generalized Linear Models. This course is intended mainly for second-year PhD students in Statistics, and focuses on the mathematical underpinnings of linear and generalized models. See the Harvard course site for more information. The main elements of the course are described in the most current version of the course syllabus.


In the Spring 2017, I will be teaching two courses. One of them is Statistics 149: Statistical Sleuthing through Generalized Linear Models, a course I have been teaching for the last five years. This course is aimed at upper-level undergraduate Statistics students and masters-level students. The syllabus from the Spring 2016 version will give you a good idea of the material covered.


In the Spring I will also be teaching Statistics 121b: Data Science 2 - Advanced Topics in Data Science. This course is also listed as Computer Science 109b. The course is being jointly taught with Hanspeter Pfister, and Verena Kaynig-Fittkau, both of whom are faculty in Computer Science at Harvard University. The material for the course will include non-linear and non-parametric modeling, elements of databases, visualization, deep learning, and a variety of other topics in the growing area of data science.